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H1600 an efficient, open and stable constant temperature isothermal fluorescence analysis system

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Different from the Q1600 real time PCR instrument, H1600 is only suitable for constant temperature isothermal amplification reactions (LAMP, RAA, etc.). It is characterized by simple system operation, dual block independent experiments, 7-inch touch screen control, and experiment report printing. At present, the machine has been sold to Singapore, Turkey, India, Japan, Iraq and domestic universities, reagent companies and breeding companies, etc. The market feedback is good.

1.Simple and efficient hardware and software system

Simplicity is a typical feature of H1600. The hardware and software settings allow customers to learn about the machine and operate it in the fastest time. After connecting to a Bluetooth printer, the experiment report can be printed.

In addition, H1600 also adopts dual blocks for independent operation. One reaction can run two different programs at the same time. For testing experiments, H1600 can test two reagent at a time, "one machine with two uses" greatly improves the testing efficiency.


H1600 simple operation interface

2.Open experimental system

H1600 supports both computer control and touch screen control. For scientific researchers, professional computer software conforms to daily use habits, and also helps various experimental data research and analysis. For enterprise self-inspection, touch screen control is not only easy to learn, but also saves space and computer costs.


 LAMP and RAA reagents

3.Stable signal acquisition and data processing system

The photoelectric system of H1600 adopts side scanning technology, the detection distance is short, the fluorescence collection signal is stable, and the same collection light path also improves the repeatability; The heating and cooling system adopts MARLOW peltier technology, and cycle time is more than 1 million. The data processing system has a complete software analysis function, and a dark-box reaction block to avoid noise can ensure the accuracy and stability of the reaction curve.


H1600 excitation block and fluorescence detection block

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