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Correct use method of ethylene oxide sterilizer

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The ethylene oxide sterilization device is a key equipment for manufacturers of single-use sterile medical devices. Ethylene oxide is a kind of spectrum sterilizing agent, which can kill various microorganisms such as spores, tubercle bacillus, bacteria, viruses, fungi and so on.

eo sterilization

The safe operation of the ethylene oxide sterilizer is as follows:

1. It is used to sterilize items that are sensitive to heat and humidity and all items that cannot be autoclaved.

2. The ethylene oxide sterilizer must meet the following conditions, such as water, electricity, and steam (ethylene oxide gas, compressed air) before the sterilization process can be carried out.

3. Ethylene oxide has good bactericidal power to various microorganisms, and has strong penetrability and little damage to articles.

4. Ethylene oxide, also known as "ethylene oxide", is a colorless and transparent liquid with the smell of ether.

5. Gaseous ethylene oxide is flammable and explosive, and should be kept in special ampoules or pressure-resistant metal cans.

6. The ethylene oxide sterilizer should be installed in a sterile environment, close to the compressed air. Exhaust fans should be installed in this environment to remove the ethylene oxide gas dispersed in the air in time.

7. Items sterilized with ethylene oxide must be packaged with special standard paper and plastic. Put an indicator card in the bag. The disinfection date is generally 1-2 years.

8. For disinfection of various items, especially various pipes, they must be kept dry to prevent the sterilization effect from failing due to the presence of water.

9. It is strictly forbidden to use ethylene oxide sterilizer to sterilize oily items. It cannot achieve the purpose of sterilization.

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