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Features and scope of application of large-scale ethylene oxide sterilizer

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Features of large ethylene oxide sterilizer:

Ethylene oxide sterilizer belongs to a kind of low temperature sterilizer. At present, the most widely used low-temperature sterilizers on the market are ethylene oxide sterilizers, low-temperature plasma sterilizers, and low-temperature formaldehyde sterilizers. Among the three types of sterilizers, only the ethylene oxide sterilizer can sterilize large quantities of products.

Large-scale ethylene oxide sterilizer generally refers to an ethylene oxide sterilizer of more than one cubic meter. The box of the sterilizer is mainly composed of a vacuum system, a residual exhaust system, a heating system, a purification system, a water circulation system, and air Filter system composition. The sterilization time of the large-scale ethylene oxide sterilizer is longer than that of the other two low-temperature sterilizers. Under normal circumstances, the entire sterilization process requires a total of 15-20 hours.

Large-scale ethylene oxide sterilizers generally use 380V industrial electricity. The working pressure is 0-60Kpa, and the working temperature is 20℃-60℃. The working humidity is 20%-90%.

The characteristic of large-scale ethylene oxide sterilizer is its large capacity. The manufacturer can customize the size up to 60 cubic meters. The sterilization time is longer and the epoxy gas discharge is convenient. The ethylene oxide gas is soluble in water, and the vacuum residue system can be used to pump the gas into the water tank and drain it directly. At present, the national environmental protection has no special requirements for this.

ethylene oxide sterilizer

The scope of application of ethylene oxide sterilizer

Large-scale ethylene oxide sterilizers have a very wide range of applications. At this time of the nation’s fight against the epidemic, large-scale ethylene oxide sterilizers are also on the front line of the epidemic. All medical masks on the market need to be sterilized by ethylene oxide. In the case of a large amount of sterilization of masks each time, large-scale ethylene oxide sterilizers have become the best choice.

In addition to masks, medical protective clothing, thoracoscopy, bronchoscopy, cardiac catheters, surgical equipment, anesthesia bags, etc. can all be sterilized with an ethylene oxide sterilizer.

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