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How to choose an autoclave that suits you

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As the basic equipment for sterilization, the high-pressure steam sterilizer is a must-have thing for every laboratory, and it is also a close partner of many industries. However, different industries have different requirements standards, so the standards for purchasing autoclaves are naturally different. How can I choose an instrument suitable for my industry?

If you want to know which model is right for you, you must first know what models are available. Autoclaves are divided into three types: portable, vertical and horizontal. There is also a big difference in function, such as internal exhaust, drying, automatic, printing, etc., are also important reference factors for selection. Generally speaking, the following four industries need to buy an autoclave, requirements and side The focus is different.


The first is the medical industry. There is no need to explain too much. If hospitals and clinics are not disinfected, the consequences will be disastrous. For this industry, portable and vertical autoclaves are usually chosen to save space, budget, and ease of use.

The second is the pharmaceutical industry. For the pharmaceutical workshop in the pharmaceutical industry, the environment is very demanding. In terms of function, the internal exhaust type autoclave is generally selected, and it is required to have a printing function, which can meet the daily needs of the pharmaceutical factory.

The third is scientific research institutes, colleges, etc. When this type of unit chooses a sterilization pot, it usually considers laboratory use and sterilizes some culture media, test tubes and other items. They generally determine the specific instrument model according to the quantity to be sterilized, the small quantity chooses the portable type, and the most quantity chooses the vertical type.

The fourth is a third-party testing unit. It is mainly used for portable type.

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