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Maintenance of Thermal Cycler

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1. Placement of the thermal cycler

The thermal cycler should be placed in a place with low humidity, less dust, far away from water and heat sources, and no corrosive gas or strong magnetic field interference. The ambient temperature should be controlled between 18~35℃. The distance between the instruments should be more than 50cm to reduce the influence between the gene amplification instruments.

2, the sample stage and hot cover are cleaned regularly

Use 95% ethanol with cotton swabs, dust-free cloth and other tools to clean the sample stage. Then run the gene amplification instrument, set the holding temperature to 50℃, about 5~10min, let the residual liquid volatilize and remove. The hot cover should also be cleaned regularly with alcohol or pure water to ensure that the hot cover is clean and has good temperature control performance. For the fluorescence quantitative gene amplification instrument, while cleaning the sample stage and hot cover, it is necessary to remove dust and other debris to ensure a clean light path and reduce signal interference.

3. Warm up before use

The performance of the old model thermal cycler is not as good as that of the new thermal cycler. It needs to be warmed up before use, which is not only good for the maintenance of the thermal cycler, but also saves experimental time. The new thermal cycler heats up quickly, but it is still recommended to warm up for 2 minutes before the experiment, which can effectively extend the service life of the thermal cycler.

4. Regular operation and maintenance

In the case that the gene amplification instrument is used less frequently, it needs to be covered with a soft cloth or plastic paper to prevent dust from entering after the instrument is turned off for 1 hour. If the thermal cycler is not used for a long time, it needs to perform a power-on self-test at least every half a month and run for about 20 minutes.

Due to the different manufacturers and models of the gene thermal cycler, the maintenance of the thermal cycler will also be different. Some fluorescent quantitative gene thermal cyclers adopt the bottom detection mode, and usually use the rubber wind bulb in the accessory of the gene thermal cycler. Blow off the dust on the sample stage. When necessary, you can use a cotton swab dipped in absolute alcohol to clean, but you need to be careful not to drip liquid into the detection hole to prevent it from affecting the optical path components inside.

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