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Nucleic acid testing related requirements

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As far as possible, choose reusable and durable packaging for equipment packaging to prepare for multiple packaging and transportation of equipment and equipment.

1. Nucleic acid extractor (96 holes)

2. Real time pcr  (96 holes)

3. Micro-adjustable sampler: Micro-adjustable sampler: single channel (1-10µL, 5-50µL, 10-200µL, 200-1000µL) 4-5 sets; 8 channels 3-4 sets.

4. Auxiliary equipment: single-tube palm centrifuge; 8-tube and/or 96-well plate centrifuge; small vortex mixer; multi-tube vortex mixer (used for the entire plate of sampling tube to shake and mix); sampler rack ; A2 type double biological safety cabinet.

5. Instrument spare parts: a certain number of wearable parts such as extractor magnetic rods, fuses, light bulbs, etc.


1. Nucleic acid extraction reagents. Available for 20,000 to 30,000 samples for testing. The nucleic acid extraction reagent should be matched with the nucleic acid extraction instrument.

2. Amplification detection reagents. There are at least two types, one of which should be matched with the extraction reagent, and the analytical sensitivity (lower limit of detection) is ≤500 copies/mL, which can be used for the detection of 20,000 to 30,000 samples. The other 1-2 kinds of reagents should be different from the daily detection reagents in the amplification area, and the analytical sensitivity should be more sensitive than the daily detection reagents, such as 100-300 copies/mL, used for re-examination confirmation when the daily detection reagents are positive. Amplification reagents should be transported in cold chain shipping boxes.

3.Others. Kits for instrument calibration; quality control products for false virus particles used for testing system performance verification and indoor quality control.


1. Extended suction tip with filter element. The specifications are 10µL, 100µL, 200µL, 1000µL, no DNA and RNase, and the quantity corresponds to the detection reagent.

2. Eight rows of tubes, matching 96-well plate and sealing film, sealing bag, and sample slot. Correspond to the number of detection reagents, and matched with the thermal cycler. There are 10 sampling slots for arranging guns, and 20-30 plate racks for eight tubes.

3. Test tube rack. 4×8 or 8×12 test tube racks with 50-100 pieces (large holes, which can hold 5 in 1 and 10 in 1 nucleic acid collection tubes).

4. Protective equipment. Medical protective masks (head-wearing type), surgical masks, isolation gowns, protective clothing, powder-free latex gloves, shoe covers, face screens or goggles, hats, hand sanitizers, etc., set for each team member for 2-3 days per day Dosage. Different types of protective equipment should be configured according to the body shape of the players.

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