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Operating Procedures of Gene Thermal Cycler

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General PCR instrument operating procedures

1. Boot operation

2. (1) Turn on the power switch of the PCR machine. 

(2) Push the top cover of the PCR machine back, and then put the PCR thin-walled tube in it. 

(3) Push the top cover of the PCR machine forward, and press down the back buckle evenly. It is worth noting that the 9700 PCR instrument must use round-head PCR thin-walled tubes.

3. Shutdown operation

(1) After the experiment is over, click EXit to display the main interface and turn off the PCR power switch. 

(2) Lift up the reverse buckle evenly, push the top cover of the PCR machine back, and take out the thin-walled PCR tube. (3) Push the top cover of the PCR machine forward.

Gene Thermal Cycler

Real time quantitative PCR machine operating procedures

1. Start running the instrument, turn on the switch of the PCR instrument base, and then turn on the switch of the quantitative PCR instrument detector. Before the experiment, first warm up the system for half an hour, turn on the computer, and start the iQ5 software.

2. Place the sample

Add the PCR reaction system to a 0.2ml thin-walled tube or 96-well plate, and cover the tube cap. Be careful not to let your fingers touch the surface of the reaction tube, so you must wear disposable plastic gloves. Put the reaction tube in the heating hole of the instrument in order.

3. Set up the program, run the test

The basic operating steps of the quantitative PCR software are as follows: 

(1) Set the thermal cycle program file. (2) Set the reaction tube file. (3) Click the "run" button to run the program. (4) Data analysis

4. Result analysis

(1) After the PCR reaction is over, the standard curve and Ct value software will automatically calculate. 

(2) You can select the corresponding analysis function in the software window for expression analysis and allele analysis. 

(3) Click the "Report" button on the upper right to output the result report.

5. Close the running instrument

After the experiment, turn off the iQ5 software, fluorescence quantitative detector and amplification system, turn off the computer, and take out the reaction tube.

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