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Precautions for purchase of PCR instrument

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The temperature rise and fall rate, the accuracy and range of temperature control, the sample volume and the hot lid function are undoubtedly the key parameters that users are most concerned about.

When purchasing a PCR instrument, you should pay attention to several key parameters:

1. Maximum (rising/falling) temperature rate: heating rate 4℃/s, cooling rate 3℃/s. (A key parameter that may affect the rate of the PCR reaction).

2. Temperature accuracy and uniformity: temperature accuracy ≤±0.2°C, temperature uniformity ≤±0.3°C (factors that may affect the accuracy of the PCR reaction).

3. Sample size: 96×0.2ml, 96×0.2ml+77×0.5ml (factors affecting the price of PCR instrument).

4. Hot lid function: Stepless adjustable hot lid that can be positioned at any angle, which can adapt to test tubes of different heights.

5. Others: such as power-off protection function, software function, display screen, etc.


So how to choose a satisfactory PCR?

First of all, when purchasing a basic PCR, the first consideration is to ensure the needs of the experiment, focusing on the parameters required to ensure that the experiment can be completed, such as temperature accuracy uniformity, temperature rise/fall rate and sample size.

Secondly, such as power failure protection function, software function, adjustable hot cover function, etc., can enable us to experiment with more efficient performance.

Third, price and after-sales service are also issues that we need to pay attention to when purchasing PCR. Good after-sales service will make us feel the guarantee of quality and service, and it will bring great convenience to our work when the instrument needs to be overhauled and maintained.

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