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  • Brief Introduction of the Ethylene oxide sterilization


    At present, ethylene oxide is widely used for sterilization of medical devices. Ethylene oxide is a broad-spectrum sterilant. It is a flammable and explosive toxic gas with aromatic ether smell. The relative density is 0.884 at 4°C, the boiling point is 10.8°C, and its density is 1.52g. /cm3. Read More

  • Advantages and disadvantages of ethylene oxide sterilizer


    (1) Advantages:1. It can kill all microorganisms, including spores, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc.2. When sterilizing, it can be wrapped with various wrapping materials, which is convenient for storage and transportation. Read More

  • Correct use method of ethylene oxide sterilizer


    The ethylene oxide sterilization device is a key equipment for manufacturers of single-use sterile medical devices. Ethylene oxide is a kind of spectrum sterilizing agent, which can kill various microorganisms such as spores, tubercle bacillus, bacteria, viruses, fungi and so on. Read More

  • Application of Real-time PCR Technology


    Real-time Q-PCR has a wide range of applications, including the study of mRNA expression, the detection of DNA copy number, and the determination of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). The following is an overview of the current applications of real-time Q-PCR in translocation gene detection Read More

  • Operating Procedures of Gene Thermal Cycler


    General PCR instrument operating procedures1. Boot operation2. (1) Turn on the power switch of the PCR machine. (2) Push the top cover of the PCR machine back, and then put the PCR thin-walled tube in it. (3) Push the top cover of the PCR machine forward, and press down the back buckle evenly. Read More

  • Frequently Asked Questions of thermal Cycler


    Why are the bands amplified on different models of PCR instruments different in brightness?Answer: Different PCR machines have different optimized heating and cooling strategies. Therefore, when transferring the PCR step parameters used on this type of CR machine to another type of PCR machine, it i Read More

  • PCR laboratory planning and design


    Gene amplification laboratory, also known as PCR laboratory, is characterized by the ability to greatly increase trace amounts of DNA and is widely used in various fields of biology.In principle, the PCR laboratory is divided into four separate working areas: reagent preparation area Read More

  • Brief Introduction of the PCR thermal cycler


    Principle of PCR thermal cyclerThe essence of PCR technology is in vitro nucleic acid amplification, heating to unscrew double-stranded DNA, hybridization of primers with template DNA under annealing temperature conditions, extension of primers in the presence of Taq DNA polymerase, dNTPs Read More

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