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RE-1020 New Type 20L Automatic Lifted Rotary Evaporator


20L Rotary Evaporator

Our 20L rotary evaporator is a device for concentrating fast liquid samples. The sample is heated, depressurized, and continuously rotated in a spherical glass vessel to increase the evaporation surface area and accelerate the evaporation rate. 20L Lab Rotary Evaporator increases the evaporation area, is placed in a water bath under reduced pressure, and is heated while rotating to allow the solution to efficiently diffuse and evaporate.

20L rotary evaporator structure

The universal wheel is installed under the main body, the whole machine can be moved, the bath pot can be automatically lifted and lowered, and the speed regulation and temperature control are concentrated on the table top of the main machine for operation, which is convenient for the user to a certain extent. The rotating motor uses a brushless motor, which is safe and smooth without noise, and the liquid crystal display speed.

20L rotary evaporator application

The instrument is electronically regulated to rotate the flask at a constant speed at a suitable speed. Under the condition of heating under constant pressure, the solution in the bottle is diffused and evaporated, and then the solvent is recovered by condensation. It is an ideal instrument for enrichment, crystallization, separation and recycling of biological, pharmaceutical, chemical, food, universities and research, laboratories and other units.

20L rotary evaporator operating characteristics

The lift motor can be operated manually. In the case of liquid flow, it is necessary to keep the vacuum constant. In the past, when the Vacuum Rotary Evaporator was used, the maintenance of the vacuum environment was prone to problems. Constantly experimenting and exploring, the Chemical Rotary Evaporator has the following operating features: improved sealing, temperature display, constant temperature, vertical condensing system. The complete set of equipment is made of stainless steel.

20L rotary evaporator function

1. This Laboratory Rotovap Distillation has microcomputer type ON-OFF power switch control.
2. The vacuum pressure gauge shows the real-time vacuum, and the vacuum degree can reach 0.098Mpa.
3. The glass components are all made of high borosilicate glass, which is resistant to high temperature and corrosion.
4. The main body bracket is made of stainless steel + aluminum alloy, the structure is reasonable, and the materials are exquisite.
5, can be continuously fed to facilitate customer use, valve-type feeding tube is connected with PTFE tube.
6. Vertical double-layered serpentine coil condenser ensures high recovery and additional material tube.
7. The digital display of the bath pot and the intelligent constant temperature control, the K-type sensor transmits the temperature quickly and accurately.
8. The sealing system is sealed with PTFE and imported fluororubber to maintain high vacuum.

20L Automatic Lifted Rotary Evaporator