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Application advantages of freeze dryers in the biopharmaceutical field

The Freeze Dryer uses a 7-inch embedded integrated color touch screen. The operating system is a high-performance control system with an advanced processor and 128M memory. It has a fast response speed and a large amount of stored data. This machine control system can save 33 freeze-drying schemes, and 36 freeze-up temperature parameter values can be set for each freeze-drying scheme. When the lyophilized material is lyophilized again, the corresponding lyophilization scheme is directly called to improve the lyophilization efficiency. The shelf temperature is adjustable, controllable, and exploreable, and is suitable for pilot and production processes. The shelf has cooling and heating functions, and the pre-freezing and drying of the materials are directly completed in the drying room, which realizes in-situ freeze-drying without the need for a low-temperature refrigerator and pollution, while providing guarantee conditions for automated production. The control system automatically records data and generates freeze-dried curves. Through the function interface on the control interface, you can browse real-time and historical freeze-dried data and freeze-dried curves. The machine can store multiple freeze-drying process parameters, configure USB communication interface, and experimental data U disk. One-click extraction.
The freeze-drying process of the freeze dryer is performed at low temperature, and some volatile components in the substance are lost. The growth of microorganisms and the role of enzymes cannot be performed. Therefore, it is particularly suitable for many heat-sensitive substances without denaturation or loss Biological vitality, so widely used in the field of biotechnology and medicine. Freeze dryers have strong advantages in the application of biopharmaceuticals to pharmaceutical companies in reducing pharmaceutical costs, transportation costs, and efficiently retaining the value of biological products. Therefore, they have a pivotal position in today's biopharmaceutical related industries.
Because the low-temperature freeze-drying technology of the freeze dryer sublimes the solid moisture in the biochemical items, some pores will be formed on the surface of the remaining dry items, thereby retaining the chemical structure and cell activity of the related items. Therefore, it solves the problem of the traditional technology left over from the traditional drying process that damages the surface material of biochemical articles, and meets the higher requirements of the quality of the finished product by the manufacturing enterprise. In addition, when traditional biological methods are used for the production and treatment of biological products, high temperatures are likely to cause negative results of protein component deterioration and seriously affect the quality of drugs. The dryer is a pharmaceutical process carried out in a large environment with low temperature conditions. Damage to pharmaceutical raw materials is almost zero. In addition to temperature advantages, the larger advantage of freeze dryers is the "vacuum". Pharmaceuticals produced in a vacuum environment have no pollution, no impurities, reduce the oxidation of oxidizing components of chemicals, and have the advantages of facilitating chemical substance transportation, The advantages of strong rehydration performance and convenient clinical application ensure the quality of pharmaceutical raw materials to a large extent.
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