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New type automatic lift explosion-proof rotary evaporator


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Features of the new type explosion-proof Rotary Evaporator

The new explosion-proof rotary evaporator is a combined oil bath and water bath rotary evaporator. The design of the whole machine is beautiful and reasonable, reasonable and compact, simple and convenient to operate, precise temperature control and reliable performance. The new explosion-proof rotary evaporator can be used in water bath or oil bath. The temperature range is from room temperature to 180 °C. The temperature is higher than the set temperature and the heating tube automatically stops heating. The water bath has a small volume and a rapid temperature rise. The heating pot uses a Teflon composite pot for easy cleaning. The steam conduit combines the advantages of a foreign rotary sealing system. Specially designed steam conduit, vacuum sealing system consists of PTFE composite material, long service life, good sealing effect, treated by special technology to enhance sealing, corrosion resistance and wear resistance. The steam-sealed tube is designed to prevent cross-contamination and is extremely easy to disassemble and clean.

Working principle of new type explosion-proof rotary evaporator

The new explosion-proof rotary evaporator is electronically controlled to rotate the flask at the optimum speed for constant speed to increase the evaporation area. The evaporation flask was brought to a negative pressure by a vacuum pump. The evaporation flask was heated in a water bath while rotating at a constant temperature, and the solution in the bottle was subjected to heat diffusion evaporation in a rotating flask under a negative pressure. The new explosion-proof rotary evaporator system can seal the pressure to 400-600 mm Hg; the solvent in the distillation bottle is heated by a heating bath, the heating temperature can be close to the boiling point of the solvent; and the rotation can be performed at a speed of 50-160 rpm. The solvent is formed into a film to increase the evaporation area. In addition, under the action of a high-efficiency cooler, the hot vapor can be quickly liquefied to accelerate the evaporation rate.

Steps for using the new type explosion-proof rotary evaporator

1. Height adjustment: manually lift, turn the hand wheel above the machine column, turn to rise, reverse to decrease. Electric lift, the hand touches the rise button and the main unit rises, and the hand touches the down button to lower the main unit.
2. There are two external joints on the condenser for connecting cooling water. One end is connected to the water and the other end is connected to the water. Generally, the tap water is connected. The lower the temperature of the condensed water, the better the effect. The upper port is equipped with vacuum and the vacuum pump is connected. The tube is used for vacuuming.
3. Turn the speed control knob to the minimum before turning on the power, then turn on the power switch indicator light, then slowly turn right to the required speed. Half of the large evaporation bottle uses medium and low speed, and the viscosity of the solution is lower. The flask is a standard interface No. 224, and is supplied with two flasks of 500 ml and 1000 ml. The amount of the solution is generally not more than 505.

Note on using the new type explosion-proof rotary evaporator

1. If the vacuum can not be pumped up, it needs to be checked: whether the joints are sealed or not; whether the sealing ring and the sealing surface are effective; whether the vacuum grease between the main shaft and the sealing ring is coated; whether the vacuum pump and its skin tube are leaking; Cracks, cracks, damage.
2. Each grinding port, sealing surface sealing ring and joints need to be coated with a layer of vacuum grease before installation.
3. Water must be added before the heating tank is energized, and dry burning is not allowed.
4. Screw in the fuse to prevent damage to the flask.
5. The glass parts should be handled gently and gently, and should be washed, dried or dried before loading.

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