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Notes on the use of graphene preparation dryer


Features of graphene preparation dryer

When drying the graphene preparation dryer, a two-stage belt dryer is generally used in series, that is, it is divided into a feeding section and a discharging section. Because the material in the feed section has high moisture content and poor air permeability, the thickness of the paving material is thin, the running speed is fast, and the drying temperature is also high. According to the nature of the material, the temperature is generally around 120. Since most of the material's moisture is removed in the feeding section, the moisture content of the material entering the discharging section is less, the material is breathable, and the water content of the material is mainly the internal moisture needs a certain drying time. In the slower position, the material layer is thickened. According to the nature of the material, the drying temperature cannot exceed the material withstand temperature. The temperature in the drying cabinet has a temperature measurement point to control the progress of steam through a solenoid valve, so as to achieve the purpose of controlling temperature. Through the two-stage drying, the performance of the belt dryer is better exerted. After drying, the material has uniform water content, color, strength, gloss, etc. and the quality of products dried by other drying equipment has been greatly improved.
Graphene preparation dryers have the advantages of high drying strength, small footprint, and small equipment investment. Compared with the external heating type rotary cylinder, the drying energy can be 50. The floor area is only about 2/3 of a single bed, and 1/2 of the rotary cylinder. Negative pressure operation, indirect heating, free from environmental pollution. Suitable for graphite drying, activated carbon drying, drying of fine powder materials, such as mica powder drying, ammonia perchlorate drying, glycine drying, lithium carbonate drying, nickel powder drying and other fine powder materials with small specific gravity.

Notes on the use of graphene preparation dryer

1. Each lubricating part must be lubricated before being put into use.
2. When it is put into use, it must be properly adjusted to supply enough high-quality steam (above 6 atm gauge pressure) to make the graphene preparation dryer fully use its capacity.
3. Adjust and operate the scraper centrifuge, so that the moisture content of the wet material is low and stable, and the feeder is evenly fed.
4, pay attention to fire safety, dust around the dryer should be cleaned in time. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the workshop. Welding repairs must be stopped and fireproofed.
5. Pay attention to the start-stop sequence when using. Before putting into operation, open the steam valve, close the regulating valve, and then start the fan. As the wind temperature in the pipeline rises, gradually adjust the regulating valve to make it in the production position. When the wind temperature in the pipeline reaches the requirements, start the feeder to feed. Depending on the moisture content of the wet material and the level of the finished water, adjust the amount of feed. When the graphene preparation dryer is shut down, the order is reversed. The feeder is stopped first. After observing the discharged material, the fan is stopped and the steam valve is closed.
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