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Zhengzhou Mingyi 100L rotary evaportaor


RE-100L rotary evaporator


100L Rotary Evaporator is a widely used evaporator in laboratory. It is suitable for reflux operation, rapid evaporation of large amounts of solvents, concentration of trace components and reaction processes requiring stirring. The rotating evaporator system can seal and decompress to 400-600 mm Hg column, heat the solvent in the distillation bottle with a heating bath at a temperature close to the boiling point of the solvent, and rotate at a speed of 50-160 rpm to form a thin film of the solvent and increase the evaporation area. In addition, under the action of the cooler, the hot vapor can be liquefied rapidly and the evaporation rate can be accelerated.


1. Integrative design of this machine. The main engine imports advanced transmission system from abroad. The structure is reasonable, beautiful and generous, durable, practical and versatile.2. Choose foreign advanced control system to ensure the performance of the instrument.
3. Built-in buttock-hanging water cooker automatically lifts and lowers, without impact.
4. The new PTFE material of Zui abroad is selected as the key part of the seal, and the sealing, corrosion resistance and wear resistance are enhanced by special technology treatment. The PTFE combination valve can control the air flow and liquid flow arbitrarily and continuously discharge and feed without stopping the machine, thus effectively improving the working efficiency.
5. Removal stainless steel water cooker, using fully closed heater, simple structure, easy to decontaminate and clean.



RE-100L rotary evaporator

Glass material


Scaffold material

Stainless steel

Vacuum degree


Rotating bottle capacity


Collecting bottle capacity


Rotation speed

0-110rpm / min

Rotating power


Temperature control range


Heating power


Bath up and down travel

180 mm

Condenser size

the main cold Φ230*950H mm;pay cold Φ230 × 530H mm

Package Weight


Shape size


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