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ZHENGZHOU MINGYI INSTRUMENT EQUIPMENT CO LTD is a major production and sales of laboratory equipment life science equipment glass equipment medical equipment production and sales of one of the equipment company Such as rotary evaporator glass reactor freeze dryer PCR thermal cycler steam sterilizer ice maker etc The strength of the company customers in products and consumers who enjoy a high reputation The company operating the laboratory equipment life science equipment glass equipment medical equipment the full range reasonable prices cost effective After long term accumulation the emphasis on credit keep the contract to ensure product quality management principles and now has a number of...

Categories and Products

Rotary Evaporator

EX rotary evaporator 10l vacuum distillation price 100l alcohol rotary evaporator distillation essential oil steam distillation kit evaporator price 5l thin film evaporator better 5l thin film vacuum evaporator price Fractional vacuum Distillation Equipment for Alcohol 10l small Alcohol distillation equipment 50l laboratory rotary evaporator system price laboratory 20l 30l rotovap distillation machine 1L small rotary evaporator equipment rotavap Ethanol high vacuum distillation unit kit multiple effect falling film evaporator for lab 2 liter alcohol distillation rotary evaporator system Explosion proof Vacuum thermal evaporation equipment Vacuum lab thermal rotary evaporator 1l small vacuum chemical rotovap Henan wiped thin film evaporator with chiller Lab glass vacuum distillation equipment essential oils steam distillation equipment kit Laboratory 1-5L small rotating evaporator distiller price 

Glass Reactor

Jacketed Glass Reactor

80L laboratory double jacketed agitated glass reactors 100l Chemical jacketed glass reactors Top Brand Chemical jacketed glass reaction vessel 20l jacketed glass laboratory reactor vessel Easy operate chemical jacket glasses reactor Medicine chemical double layer glass reactor Lab vacuum jacketed double glass reactor chemical glass jacketed reactors types equipment Pressure double jacketed vessel glass reactor design laboratory glass pressure jacketed reactor Lab pressure jacketed glass reactor vessel Widely used 50l jacketed type glass reactor vessel 100L Double Layer Large Glass Reactor Stainless steel frame chemical vacuum 150l glass reactor Industrial continous stirring glass reactor 200l Large scale electric heating 100 liter glass reactor Electric heating jacketed glass reactor 10l Inner heating jacketed glass reactor for extraction Inner cooling chemical vacuum 1l jacketed glass reactor Double layer vacuum glass reactor 30l 

Single Glass Reactor

100L laboratory glass reactor price Single layer 100l chemical reactor price 100L chemical glass filter reactor 100L single layer electric heating reactor chemical single layer glass reactor price 50l Chemical continuous stirred glass reactor 30L vacuum high pressure glass reactor lab 30L single glass reactor kettle 20L single layer plug flow reactor 20L GG-17 glass single layer reactor Lab 1L single layer glass reactor 1l single layer mini glass reactor 2l lab chemical reactor price Cheap chemical 2L single layer glass reactor 3L single layer borosilicate glass reactor Chemical 3l single wall glass reactor 5l single layer glass reaction kettle 5L chemical single glass reactor High quality chemical 10L single glass reactor price 10L single layer high borosilicate glass reactor 

Molecular Distillation

High efficient CBD molecular distillation price Automatic molecular distillation CBD extraction machine Cheap price automatic molecular distillation equiment Full automatic Molecular Distillation Device Price Effective CBD extraction molecular distillate apparatus Cheap oil extraction molecular distillate system Automatic Hemp Extraction Molecular Distillation Evaporator Automatic CBD oil extraction molecular evaporator system High Quality Molecular Distillate Machine For CBD extraction CBD extraction chemical molecular distillation apparatus CBD extraction molecular distillate machine system Precise pharmaceutical short-path molecular distillation Effective chemical wiped film molecular distillation Chemical CBD extraction wiped film evaporator distillation Chemcial short path wiped film evaporator Chemical CBD extraction short path molecular distillate Chemical Short Path Molecular Distillate Equipment Spot supply molecular distillation equipment system Whole set vacuum molecular distillation system CBD oil extraction short path molecular distillation 

Autoclave/Steam Sterilizer

Vertical Autoclave

35L Small cheap autoclave food sterilizer steam sterilizer autoclave machine with competitive price 75L pulse vacuum hospital sterilization equipment Stainless steel digital display 100l vertical autoclave Stainless steel 120L vertical autoclaves for canning 35L 50L vertical autoclave steam sterilizer 50L vertical steam sterilizer autoclave for sale Digital display pulse vacuum 50L stainless steel autoclave 35L digital display vertical pressure steam sterilizer Hand open digital display vertical autoclave 50l Cheap medical 75 liter vertical steam sterilizer Digital diaplay 100L best steam sterilizer Cheap price vertical hot sale autoclave Cost-effective vertical steam sterilizer 100l Rapid sterilization LCD display 100l steam sterilizer Cheap price 50L autoclave for food Digital display 35L autoclave for canning hospital rapid sterilization autoclave 75l vertical type vertical high pressure steam sterilizer reactor autoclave Hand open high pressure autoclave with printer 

Table-top Autoclave

35L digital display table top steam sterilizer table top dental steam sterilizer autoclave bench top dental autoclave steam sterilizer machine table top dental autoclave sterilizer new price Clinic use dental mini autoclave sterilizer Digital display table top autoclave 50 liter Desktop automatic stainless steel autoclave 24L pulse vacuum Class B autoclave Clicnic 20L small autoclave sterilizer 20L desktop beauty salon autoclave Cheap price desktop commercial autoclave sterilizer Class B pulsating vacuum tabletop steam sterilizer 35L Class B pulsating vacuum dental steam sterilizer 50L Digital display autoclave sterilization equipment 35L cheap class b dental autoclave 24L desktop surgical autoclave sterilizer small size desktop autoclave dental sterilizer 20L table-top autoclave retort sterilizer Class B pluse vacuum desktop steam sterilizer autoclave Laboratory pulse vacuum benchtop steam sterilizer 

Horizontal Autoclave

500L horizontal autoclave sterilizer machine price 400L horizontal hospital sterilizer autoclave horizontal high pressure vacuum autoclave steam sterilizer 400L stainless steel sterilizing machine autoclave 200L Medical Horizontal Sterilizer Autoclave Price 280L horizontal sterilization equipments autoclave Cheap price 200l industrial autoclave for sale High efficient sterilization 200l sterilizer autoclave price 150L surgical disinfection steam sterilizer 280L cabient medical waste autoclave sterilizer 150L cabient type horizontal steam sterilizer 150L stainless steel medical waste autoclave Good function hospital 500l sterilizer autoclave 200L horizontal medical steam sterilizer Hospital 150L horizontal autoclave sterilizer price hoppital 500L horizontal steam sterilizer autoclave Hospital 280 liters medical autoclave sterilizer Cheap price 200 liters horizontal sterilizer autoclave Long working life horizontal 200 litres autoclave 400L efficient sterilization medical stem sterilizer 

Portable Autoclave

Electric or LPG heated portable sterilizer autoclave 24L fast sterilization clinic portable autoclave 24L portable dental autoclave price 18 liters cheap price high pressure portable autoclave 24L biological portable autoclave sterilizer 24L laboratory portable steam sterilizer 18L stainless steel portable pressure sterilizer Laboratory stainless steel 18l portable autoclave 18 liters electric heated portable laboratory autoclave 24L high pressure portable autoclave pot 18L portable steam sterilization autoclave 24L portable high pressure steam sterilizer 18 liters digital dispaly portable autoclave price Cheap price 18L portable autoclave steam sterilizer 18L portable manual steam sterilizer Cheap price laboratory 18 liter steam autoclave Clinic 18l dental autoclave price laboratory digital display 24L portable autoclave Cheap Price 24 liters pressure steam sterilizer Laboratory portable autoclave for glass bottle 

Freeze Dryer/lyophilizer

Laboratory Type Freeze Dryer

Laboratory benchtop small lyophilizer price Laboratory freeze dryer for sale with better price Lab mini vacuum freeze dryer food freeze dryers equipment for sale Mini meat & fruit vacuum freeze drying machine Benchtop small manifold freeze dryer Small vertical laboratory type pilot freeze dryer Cheap manifold laboratory vertical type freeze dryer Mini coffee freeze dryer for home use Small top press laboratory lyophilizer price Benchtop top-press laboratory vacuum freeze dryer Vacuum laboratory manifold lyophilizer freeze dryer Good function home freeze dryer with cheap price Lab experimental snake venom freeze dryer Medical snake venom vacuum freeze dryer Vertical multi pipes freeze dryer for taxidermy Chemical LGJ-10 T-type freeze dryer lab 1.2L Home use freeze dryer mini model Lab T-shelf mini freeze dryer price Fruit food freeze drying machine 

Pilot Type Freeze Dryer

Chemical electric heating pilot type freeze dryer Small pilot type plant freeze dryer price Energy saving electric heating freeze dryer food machine Electric heating in-situ vegetables freeze dryer Medium in-situ herb freeze drying machine Commecial pilot freeeze dryer for fruits 4kg in-situ instant coffee freeze dryer Medium pilot type pharmaceutical freeze dryer 10Kg/batch milk powder freeze dryer 10kg/24hour food freeze dryer machine price Silicon heating fruits freeze dryer machine price Precise silicon heating pilot type freeze dryer HIgh quality gland freeze drying equipment 1kg/24hour top press good quality freeze dryer Top press pilot freeze drying lyophilizer In-situ top press high quality freeze dryer Silicon heating accurate fruit freeze dryer lyophilizer Stainless steel top press freeze dry lyophilizer High accurate in-situ silicone oil heating lyophilizer Silicon heating top press food freeze dryer lyophilizer 

Medical Type Freeze Dryer

Customer-made 100L capacity large pharmaceutical lyophilizer 50L capacity pharmaceutical freeze drying lyophilizer price Industrial meical gland type vacuum freeze dryer Industrial PLC control freeze dryer pharmaceutical Large industrial pharmaceutical lyophilizer price Factory use pharmaceutical freeze drying machine price automatic commercial pharmaceutical freeze drying machine Large PLC control pharmaceutical production freeze dryer high quality pharmaceutical freeze drying equipment price Large automatic pharmaceutical lyophilizer machine Good function 3.24 m2 lyophilizer for pharmaceutical High accurate 3 quare meters vacuum lyophilizer price Industrial pharmaceutical continuous freeze dryer 30L capacity pharmaceutical freeze drying machine price customized pharmaceutical industrial freeze dryer machine High quality customized 100L pharmaceutical lyophilizer Factory use advanced 20L pharmaceutical freeze dryer Cheap price customized 10L medical freeze dryer Good function automatic commercial freeze drying machine Large horizontal medical pharmaceutical freeze dryer 

Food Type Freeze Dryer

Good function in-situ flower freeze drying machine Cost-effective industrial mango freeze dryer Top quality 200Kg capacity tomatoes freeze drying machine 300Kg capacity -60C cassava freeze drying machine Easy operated 500kg capacity seafood freeze dryer Factory use customizable food lyophilization machine Energy saving 1 m2 food type freeeze dryer cheap automatic instant coffee freeze drying machine Economic in-situ vegetable lyophilization machine Cheap price in situ milk freeze drying machine Vacuum freeze fruit and vegetable drying machine 50Kg -50C instant coffee freeze drying equipment CE approved lyophilizer technology fruit drying machine Good performance -65C fish freeze drying machine Food type industrial cassava freeze dryer Good function 300kg capacity fruit vacuum freeze dryer High quality customizable seafood lyophilization machine Advanced technology automatic coffee freeze drying machine Function customizable -50C fruitl lyophilization machine Production vacuum food freeze dryer price 

Production Type Freeze Dryer

Commercial mango freeze drying food machine for sale Cassava food drying machines with better price Industrial vacuum freeze drying machine for food Food type production fruit freeze dryer machine High quality 10.5 sq.m. onion freeze dryer Large scale vacuum freeze herbal medicine lyophilizer High quality production general type freeze dryer High efficient 1 sq.m. production type freeze dryer High quality industrial general vacuum freeze dryer Cheap price 40.5 sq.m. dehydrated vegetables lyophilizer Function customizable 15 sq.m. large scale freeze dryer Customizable industrial mushroom lyophilization machine High quality in-situ biological freeze dryer HIgh quality industrial graphene freeze dryer Customer reliable food vacuum lyophilization machine high efficient medical use penicillin bottles freeze dryer Easy operated biological liquid medicine freeze dryer cheap price automatic biological product lyophilizer High Efficiency Large Capacity Industrial freeze dryer Good performance medical vials freeze dryer lyophilizer 

Peristaltic Pump

Speed Control Peristaltic Pump

high precise 720ml/nin variable-speed peristaltic pump precise 2900ml/min speed control liquid peristaltic pump medical stepper motor filling peristaltic pump Cheap price stainless steel speed control peristaltic pump 6L/min large flow 12v peristaltic pump Stainless steel medical peristaltic pump price Precise medical 12v dc peristaltic dosing pump 3.5L /min large flow peristaltic pump 12v Multi channel large flow industrial peristaltic pump Medical precise peristaltic dosing pump Cheap price ABS plastic speed adjustable peristaltic pump Precise speed control micro peristaltic pump Lab mini speed control precision peristaltic pump Medical Precise Acid Resistant Peristaltic Pump Large flow variable Speed peristaltic pump 24v Cheap price speed adjustable 24v peristaltic pump Batch transfer industrial stepper peristaltic pump 190ml small volume honlite peristaltic pump large voulme stepper motor viscous fluid peristaltic pump Cheap price stainless steel 500ml peristaltic pump 

Flow Control Peristaltic Pump

Stainless steel flow dispense medical peristaltic pump Medical liquid transfer flow control peristaltic pump 1L/min High precision fluid dispensing peristaltic pump 220v Cheap price touch screen dosing peristaltic pump Cheap chemical high flow rate peristaltic pump High accuracy stepper motor food grade peristaltic pump Medical stainless steel high viscosity peristaltic pump Cheap lab high temperature resistant peristaltic pump Medical automatic dispensing peristaltic pump Flow controlling 720mL/min peristaltic pump 5v 720 mL/min precise flow controlling peristaltic pump oem 2900 mL/min flow dispense high volume peristaltic pump Cheap medical peristaltic pump with silicone hose High precision stainless steel peristaltic pump honlite Cheap medical low flow rate peristaltic pump Speed adjustable stainless steel peristatic pump peristaltic Medical precise transfer silicone tube peristaltic pump Low price medical dialysis stepping motor peristaltic pump High precision speed adjustable low cost peristaltic pump Large volume stainless steel dc motor peristaltic pump 

Filling Control Peristaltic Pump

Small stepper motor peristaltic pump with hose mini peristaltic pump liquid filling machine 

PCR Thermal Cycler

GT Series PCR Thermal Cycler

Cost of Pcr Thermal Cycler Machine Rapid Test 32 Wells Thermal Cycle Chamber 16 wells smart mini thermal cycler Rapid Test Touch Screen Gradient PCR Thermal Cycler Cheap price intelligent 96 wells thermal cycler Clinical analyze 96 wells digital pcr thermal cycler Intelligent PCR thermal cycle testing chamber Laboratory pcr thermal cycler equipment price Cheap price clinical analysis 96 well thermal cycler Good function 96 wells intelligent thermal cycler Clinical analysis 96 wells cheap thermal cycler Laboratory 96 well DNA thermal cycler High accurate laboratory gradient pcr thermocycler Gene analysis 96 wells digital thermal cycler Clinic use 16 wells mini pcr thermocycler High Accuracy Touch Screen Smart Thermal Cycler High Accuracy Windows System Double Module Thermal Cycler Clinical gene analysis thermal cycler cost Accurate Intelligent 2 Blocks PCR Thermal Cycler Touch Screen Smart Double Blocks Thermal Cycler 

GET-S Series PCR Thermal Cycler

96 Wells Marlow Peltier Smart PCR Thermal Cycler Gradient pcr test thermal cycler machine price Clinic gradient thermo thermal cycler 384 well intelligent gene magnification thermal cycler Clinical Intelligent Gene Magnification Pcr Equipment 60 well smart pcr gradient thermal cycler Cheap price 384 well smart gradient thermal cycler Medical DNA analyze digital gradient PCR High accuracy clinical genetic expansion thermal cycler High Accuracy touch screen gene magnification pcr cycler 384 well gene amplification thermal cycler machine 384 wells gradient pcr thermocycler machine 60 well 0.5 ml gradient thermocycler machine Cheap price Marlow Peltier Gene Magnification Thermo Cycler high accuracy gene analysis 384 well thermal cycler 60 well gradient gene magnification pcr machine Good Function 60 Well Gene Magnification Gradient Pcr cheap price accurate gene magnification pcr thermocycler High accuracy touch screen gene amplification thermal cycler Good function touch screen gene amplification gradient pcr 

GET Series PCR Thermal Cycler

thermal cyclers for pcr price price of portable pcr thermocycler instrument machine Cheap price thermo pcr machine High Accuracy 96 Welll Cheap PCR Thermal Cycler Triple Block Gradient Thermal Cycle Chamber Rapid Rate Gradient Triple Module Thermal Cycler Cheap Gradient Intelligent Thermal Cycle PCR 3 Blocks Gradient Intelligent Thermal Cycle Chamber Intelligent Gradient 3 Module Thermal Cycler Gradient thermal cycler pcr machine with 96 holes Cheap price 96 well Marlow peltier thermal cycler Laboratory 96 well gradient thermal cycler machine 96 well clinical gradient thermal cycler pcr Cheap price 96 wells touch screen thermal cycler Clinical intelligent gradient pcr thermocycler Medical DNA analyze smart gradient pcr Good performance triple module intelligent gradient pcr High accurate clinical thermal cycler gradient pcr Clinical triple blocks gradient DNA thermal cycler Laboratory 3 blocks intelligient gradient thermal cycler 

Ice Maker

Cube Ice Maker

Small ice cube block maker machine Ice block cube maker with freon-free compressor Commercial ice cube maker machine 

Snow Ice Maker

Cheap commercial ice maker machine for sale Mini snow ice maker machine Small automatic snow ice maker machine Automatic home ice pop maker with lower price Desktop ice machine maker for sale 

Water Distiller

Double water distiller distillation column equipment Distilled water equipment for laboratory use distilled water making machine with better price Electric automatic stainless steel water distiller 20Lautomatic cuts off home water distiller 

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