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GETR-48 series Real Time PCR

Friendly interface and clearly functional modules design
First-time users can easily start a new experiment.All experiment data and setting options are shown conveniently on a single interface.
Instrument Management allow you managing all the Gentiers in the WLAN.
More than thousands results can be stored in device.
USB or WLAN easily transfer experimments data anywhere you needed
  • GETR-48

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real time pcr

Brief Introduction of the GETR-48 series Real Time PCR

The Gentier real-time PCR system is mainly consisted of control system, power system, temperature control system, detection system, man-machine interface system and instrument shell, etc.

Among them, the temperature control system includes Peltier heating module, sample block and hot lid, etc; the detection system includes LED excitation light source, photodiodes and light filter, etc; the man-machine interface system includes data acquisition and analysis software, which is mainly responsible for real-time data collection, fluorescence diagram formation, data processing and diagram analysis, in order to quantify or characterize the target nucleic acid and obtain other test report information, etc.


real time pcr

Features of the GETR-48 series Real Time PCR

Design for flexible use

  • Standard with 10.4' or 7’’ LCD touch screen, functions quickly accessible through simple, one-touch commands

  • Wizard operation to lock and unlock the transport locker.

  • Message alarm indicate the status of the machine

  • USB port update software and firmware

  • Unique power-off protection function can save all the setted configurations for sudden power outages, and allow the experiment continues when power supply is restored.

Fast and uniform heating System

  • Concealed lid with constant temperature and isopiestic pressure

  • Electrical controlled elevating & automatic locked platform

  • Thermo block is based on improved heat pipe technology, leading to extraordinary Iintra-well temperature homogeneity and maximized inter-well, inter-cycle reproducibility.

  • Highly efficient PID&DSP control algorithm ensures faster respond and stronger interference resistance, fast and uniform heating and heat sinking

High sensitive optical system

  • High-sensitivity and wide dynamic range of fluorescence detection system, sample dynamic range could be from 101 to 1010 copies

  • Fast and precise mechanical scanning structure ensures the illumination uniformity of 96 wells, Eliminate edge effects, no need for ROX calibration

  • Fluorescence excitation by a high-intensity and long-life LED, Bulb Luminance will not attenuation over time, free maintenance optical system through the entire life

  • Professional designed fluorescence filters realize the highly fluorescence transmittance and meanwhile minimize the fluorescence channel crosstalk.

Easy-to-use Software

  • Friendly interface and clearly functional modules design, first-time users can easily start a new experiment.

  • All experiment data and setting options are shown conveniently on a single interface.

  • Instrument Management allow you managing all the Gentiers in the WLAN

  • More than thousands results can be stored in device

  • USB or WLAN easily transfer experimments data anywhere you needed


Thermal Block     
Sample capacity(wells)48
Reaction Volume5-100 μL 
Consumables 0.2ml 8-strip tubes ,0.2ml PCR single tube(Optical flat cap,clear tube)
Temperature range  0°C-100°C
Heating/cooling methodPeltier
Max heating rate 8.0°C/sec
Average heating rate 6.0°C/sec
Max cooling rate 5.5°C/sec
Average cooling rate 4.0°C/sec
Temperature accuracy ±0.1℃
Temperature uniformity ±0.1℃
Gradient Range1°C-40°CN/A1°C-40°C
Gradient block8 row
8 row
Special temperature portocolGradient PCR,Long PCR,Touch Down PCRLong PCR,Touch Down PCRGradient PCR,Long PCR,Touch Down PCR
Heat Lid
Temperature range  Room Temperature–110°C
Optical System
Excitation Source4LEDs2LEDs
Detection PositionExcitation and scan from lateral
Detection method4 channels scanning at the same time, no edge effect.
Detection time2 seconds for 48 wells for all channels
Range of
emission wavelengths
1  465 /510 (FAM,SYBR Green I,SYTO9,EvaGreen,LC Green)
2  527/ 563 (HEX,VIC,TET,JOE)
3  580 /616 (ROX,Texas Red)
4  632/ 664( Cy5)

1  465 /510 (FAM,SYBR Green I,SYTO9,EvaGreen,LC Green)
2  527/ 563 (HEX,VIC,TET,JOE)
ProbeTaqman Probe,Molecular beacons probe,Scorpion probe
MultiplexingUp to 4 targetsUp to 2 targets
Fluorescence Linearityr≥0.990
Fluorescence Dynamic RangeAdjustable
Sample Linearity/r/≥0.999
Sample repeatabilityCt value CV≤0.5%
Sample Dynamic Range1-1010 copies
Software Funtions
Data Analysis modesQualitative analysis,Absolute quantification, Relative quantification,Genotyping analysis,Endpoint analysis,
                Melt curve analysis, High Resolution Melting
Control modes1.7 touch screen
2. PC direct control
3. WLAN control(One PC can control max 10 units, and device can be controled by any PC in the WLAN)
Data Stroage Upload and download through USB disk,1000 results can be stored  in machine
Power failure protectionAutomaticly start running experiments after power supply, no need wait PC software
Customize ReportTempletes reserved ,report can customized
Administration ManagementAdministrator can set funtions limts for users
Fault ManagementFault report and analysis, solution instruction
LIS connectionCSV,Excel,TXT format data output,open port for LIS connection
PC operating systemWin 7, Win 10
Communication Port 1 ethernet and 2  USB
Footprint(WxDxH)260mm X 400mm X 2605mm
Weight 11kg
Power usage AC 100 to 125 V / 200 to 240 V (50/60 Hz).
power consumption600VA
Work environmentTempereture:10°C~30°C  Humidity:20%~85%


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